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Woods Hole Golf Course – Cape Cod

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America’s Oldest Restaurant- Boston

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This site is devoted to both the seasoned RV’er, and the future RV’er wanting to graduate from tent school with honors.

We welcome your comments, stories, ideas and certainly those unique moments out on the road that you will cherish forever.

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Join us on our collective journey… and be happy and safe in your travels.

Our Mission and Passion  

At All America RV, we believe that America’s beauty and bounty is for the shared enjoyment of all.  We are extremely fortunate to live in a land where our national forests and parks, our oceans and shores, national monuments and historic sites are in the trust of the American people who respect, care for and preserve these treasures  for future generations.

We are seasoned campers and RV’ers.  We are devoted to seeking out and sharing the wonderful array of cultures across our land and sharing them with you.  There is amazing diversity in the culinary delights from New Orleans to New England and from North Carolina to San Francisco.   We have traveled tens of thousands of miles over the years, eaten some very fine foods, visited some amazing places both universally known…and the most hidden and obscure.

 Unusual Trips

We have had flat tires in Bodega Bay on Thanksgiving Day, gotten stuck in the snow in Sedona in November, had broken down generators, refrigerators, stuck macerators, had our dogs sprayed by skunks, stuck in the sand on an Oregon beach in December –that one was our fault 🙂 and a host of other issues that invariably arise on the road.  It happens to all of us.  We can only make the best of it, fix it and laugh it off with a cold libation.  We never, nor should you, ever allow minor inconveniences spoil your vacation or trip.  Stuff happens!

These pictures from our trip to Sedona, AZ  were taken less than 24 hours apart.  We arrived on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and woke up Sunday to heavy snow.

Our Advertising Philosophy  

Our goal is to provide you with a wide array of quality content.  We understand that there are many RV sites that you can choose from… and we thank you for spending time with us.   Our site is designed not so much to guide you to common places… but to guide you and our readers to unusual places that each of us have been and shared with fellow RV’ers.  We all know that every community has the big chain restaurants… but we seek out the great, little Mom and Pop restaurants where the locals eat!  That is where you will find the best food, in my humble opinion.  This philosophy extents to all the the different pages here, whether it is golf, antiques, county fairs, or local community events.

Being semi-retired, I wanted to do what I am passionate about and that is the core of this website.  We do have some advertisers that help pay our costs but it is minimal.  We are focused on content, not advertising.  You can be assured that the majority of products we recommend, we actually use, both at home and on the road.  Being a cooking junkie and hobbyist, our vacuum packing machine is key to our food shopping, storage and travel needs.  We have had dogs our entire life, so the products we recommend we have used for many years.  Thus, we do have affiliate relationships with some of the products on our site.