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Think of an antique mall as a “world museum”… You don’t necessarily need to buy anything…

but you will certainly see and learn something amazing!

See Your History in Antiques

History is an incredible occurrence, it happens every single day.  What you bought and used yesterday, or even an hour ago… is now,  in the purest sense, a historical artifact. Antique malls are free museums to the past, that take us back in time to how we used to live, what we made, what we enjoyed, and how an item or piece has evolved or improved over time. Holding History in Your Hands

Whether you are 90 years old or 9 years old, you can remember something from your past that was “your favorite”.  A toy, a car, cup, mug, baseball glove, Barbie doll, silverware set and certainly a book and a song.

   As time passed on, that favorite gave way to a new favorite, a new interest and a new love of something that brought us happiness, joy and contentment.  No matter how many years have gone by, your old and forgotten favorites are out there…waiting for you to come visit them once again.   For ages, antique malls, flea markets and swap meets have held our past for us, preserved and protected it for the day we would return for a breath of our youth.

Our history is important to us, it is important to us individually, as a family, as a community and as a nation. History defines us, shapes us and guides us.

Antiques and Cash

You may not know it, but YOU are an expert.  Everyone is an expert in something without even knowing it.  It may be your hobby, your work, your cooking skill, your eye for art or music. You are an expert.

You can turn this “expertise” into cash.  Recently, I was at a swap meet and saw on a table a police badge that said “Lieutenant” on it. It was heavy gauge metal and was attached to a leather belt holder like the detectives wear on TV.

Patrolman Badge

I always thought that badges were collectible so I paid the vendor the $5 she asked for. When I got home, the “silver and gold foil “Lieutenant” sticker had peeled off and it now said “Patrolman”.  I put it on eBay that evening for $27 and by the time I woke up the next morning, It had been bought and paid for via PayPal.  A profit of over 400%.

About 5 years ago at a swap meet, a guy had a box of postcards for sale for $.50 each.  All the cards were still shrink-wrapped from the printer in blocks of about 25 cards each. He wanted $50 for the whole box and when I agreed, he couldn’t sell them to me fast enough.

RMS Queen Mary Arrival Long BeachThe four different images were of the RMS Queen Mary’s 1967 arrival in Long Beach, CA on her final voyage to ultimately become a hotel there.  There were 875 postcards in total. The very next day, I took the entire box down to the gift shop on board the Queen Mary and they happily gave me $1.00 each for them. They said original postcards of her arrival would sell to Queen Mary Hotel guests for $5 each.

An overnight profit of $825.

We probably are not going to run into deals like the Queen Mary every day…but you will run into deals like the Patrolman’s badge every day if you put your special expertise and senses to work for you. The great thing about RV’ing is that we get to go to antique malls, swap meets and flea markets that we have never been to.

Tune into your personal expertise, buy at a reasonable price and sell it on eBay…all while on the road.

RV & Antiques – Check Your Coins !

This may sound silly, but do you pick up pennies on the ground, or check your nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars?  You may want to start after this.

In late 1982, the price of copper became worth more than what a penny was worth.  So in late 1982 and forever after, the Mint started making pennies out of 95% zinc and 5% copper.  Pennies from early 1982 and before were just the opposite, 95% copper and 5% zinc.  At today’s price of copper, a pre-1982 penny is worth approximately 1.78 cents.  There are tens of millions of copper pennies still in circulation. So, by bending over and picking up a penny, you could almost double your money and get some exercise at the same time. Can’t beat that!

Silver today is hovering around $17 and ounce.  Nickels historically have always been made out of 75% copper and 25% nickel.  However, during WWII, the government needed nickel for military purposes far more than they needed silver. So from 1942-1943, the Mint made nickels out of 56% copper and 35% silver.  Thus 1942 and 1943 nickels are worth $.94 today. There are millions of them in circulation.

Dimes today have 0% silver in them.  However, dimes made in 1964 and earlier were 90% silver.  Thus, a 1964 or earlier Roosevelt or Mercury dime is worth $1.20 today.

Quarters and Half Dollars have no silver in them today. As with dimes, all quarters and half dollars from 1964 and earlier have 90% silver in them.  Although not as easy to come by, there are still many in circulation.  Many banks have rolls of all these denominations with some silver coins mixed in that have been in their vaults for years.  Today, a 1964 or earlier quarter is worth $2.82 and a 1964 or earlier half dollar is worth a whopping $5.64 !

So, keep an eye on your change when you get it, go through those old jars of coins, and pick up those pennies. Here is a neat little app to keep on your phone if you deal with a lot of change or collect coins. It automatically updates the market price of silver each day.

Silver Coin Calculator

RV & Antiques- Hwy 127 Sale – 690 Mile Antique Trail

If there is such a thing as the “stars in alignment” as the phrase goes, and your two stars are RV’ing and antiquing, then that alignment happens for you the first Thursday in August each year. This perfect match of an RV’er and antique shopper is without a doubt a true “antique trail”.   690 miles of miles of yard sales that runs north and south along Hwy 127 from Addison, MI to Gadsden, AL.

There are campgrounds along the trail.  Our information is that conventional lodging along the trail is booked a year in advance as this is an antique dealers and pickers dream, so RV’ers have the advantage there.

The 2018 Hwy 127 Sale is from Thursday, August 3 to Sunday, August.

Visit 127 Corridor Sale

Quik Tip – Arvie the Travel Dog

Arvie the Travel DogWith a USPS, Ebay, and PayPal account you can quickly buy, sell and ship almost anything from anywhere.