Sue Home 180x135You’ve sold your precious bricks ‘n sticks residence and bought the motorhome of your dreams. Now what? Once your itinerary is set in motion and the wheels hit the road, your destination can be as vast as your imagination allows.

Regardless of your financial circumstances, you will more than likely still want to add to your nest egg, rather than constantly depleting it month to month. Some of the day-to-day expenses include fuel, propane, space rent, and food. This, of course, is not forgetting about any payments you bring with you, such as payments on your RV, vehicle(s), insurance and any other financial burdens.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to monetize your travels and have fun too.

If you’re a crafty type person, handmade items are always a great way to add a fewSue leather bag 180x135 dollars to your wallet. Having visited several RV parks and campgrounds, we’ve encountered couples who make fun and unique items they sell on the road. Any craft type construction materials that don’t take up much storage space is great for RV travelers. For instance, I make leather journals and sell them in my Etsy shop or to interested neighbors. I can mail my journals from anywhere to anyone. People love the handmade touch and who doesn’t love a good journal to record your travel adventures in, right?

Sue campground 180x120Workamping is an RV traveler’s dream. According to the RV Industry Association (RVIA), the number of full-time RVers is at least 1 million in the U.S. alone. The largest group of RV buyers ranges between the ages of 35 and 54 and just a lifestyle for retirees anymore. The term “Workamper” was coined in the mid-1980’s by Greg and Debbie Robus. Greg was a Park Ranger with the Army Corps of Engineers and was tasked with recruiting seasonal workers to man the entrance gates of the Corps of Engineers’ campgrounds. Since then, the process of hiring and applying for workcamper positions has streamlined with the aid and implementation of Workamper News, the Workamper Referral Program, Workamper Hotline and finally

In addition to the above, many private campgrounds and RV Parks also enlist the help of RV travelers to work seasonal jobs. Doing a quick Google search will result in multiple sources for RVers who want to work on the road.

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Your RV adventure awaits!