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Golf Courses with RV Campgrounds

 Palm Desert Golf Resort

 There are  many  great golf  courses  across  America  with  RV  Campgrounds.  Be sure to check them out.

 The Best RV Golf Resorts

RV Golf – Let’s Play 9

To paraphrase the great Ernie Banks and his signature “Let’s Play 2”, we are stealing his words and “Let’s Play 9”.   Playing golf on RV trips and vacations is a lot of fun. Most golfers enjoy the challenge of playing different courses.  Unlike professionals, we don’t have a caddie who maps out the course and we don’t play a practice round.

Aliso Creek 9 Hole Golf Course

So part of the thrill is the challenge of a new course.  Every golf course is different, unlike a basketball court, tennis court, handball court, soccer or football field. Often we have no idea what lies around the bend of a dogleg, at the bottom of a blind downhill fairway, or how our ball lies between the trees.

The Game of a Lifetime

Reidy Creek 9 Hole Golf Course

A common complaint or concern that many folks have is the length of time that it takes to play a round of golf. This is a legitimate concern, particularly if you have slow players in the groups ahead of you. Some of the 18 hole courses can have some very long holes upwards of 500-600 yards.  To the novice and older golfers (I am in both groups) that is very daunting.

On a good day, I can hit my driver 185 yards.  Leaving a second shot of 400 yards to the hole sometimes doesn’t do it for me.

Thankfully, the Golf Gods came up with 9 hole short courses that are much more fun and every bit as challenging.  There is a good mix of par 3 and par 4 holes and many have a par 5 just to keep you humble.  They can have the blinds, the doglegs and certainly the trees and bunkers.

Roosevelt 9 Hole Golf Course

If you generally don’t take your clubs in the RV because of the length of time it takes to play 18, load up those clubs and play 9.  It will be good for your confidence and your health… both physical and mental.

Check out the 9 hole courses on your route and go play.

Top 25 Short Courses in America

Visit a PGA Tour Event

Augusta National – Home of The Masters

If you are an RV’er and an avid golfer, our dream bucket list probably includes playing a round of golf say at…Augusta National, home of the PGA Masters Tournament.  It is one of the most exclusive private clubs in the world where the entire membership is known to very few people.  So getting invited by a member, maybe not.

Magnolia Lane – Augusta National

You could play if you were a volunteer for the Masters Tournament. That is tough as well.  The same volunteers work year after year… and get to play the course a month later.   I’m guessing the closest I will ever get is to watch the Masters in person and walk those hallowed grounds. All I need to do is buy a Sunday All Day pass for $1,459… or to save money, I could buy the four day pass for a mere $6,304. I guess I’ll just have to settle for peering down the famed Magnolia Lane.

Fear not.  Not all tournaments are that pricey… just to watch.   The Waste Management Phoenix Open is an immaculately lush and manicured course out in the middle of the desert in Arizona.       You would never know that if you didn’t have to pass through the desert to get there.  Adding to the magic of the Phoenix Open, is the loud and boisterous 16th Stadium Hole which is completely enclosed like a professional baseball field.  It is one of the most incredible spectacles in all of sports.  You expect decibel shattering noise at a baseball, football or soccer venue… but professional golf? You won’t hear the cry “Quiet on the tee!” at this hole.

Stadium 16th Hole Phoenix Open

These tickets are much more reasonable with a Sunday General Admission face value of $34.  If you want to take your chances in the raucous 16th Stadium Hole, that will cost you $405 on Sunday.

There are 47 PGA Tournaments all around the country each year.  In general, practice rounds are Monday through Wednesday and the tournaments run Thursday through Sunday.  They are a lot of fun to attend even as a spectator.  Watching on TV is one thing, however you will be in awe watching the way professionals play.  These guys are the very best in the world.

Attending a PGA event should be on your bucket list for sure.  Who knows, maybe you will run into one of the players.  Many of them RV their way from tournament to tournament.

2016-2017 PGA Tour Schedule

Travel Light in an RV – A Variety of Golf Bags

Let’s face it, we can’t always have our trusted and reliable caddie with us when RV’ing.  Since we have to carry our own bag, you might as well make it as light as possible.

There actually are different type bags for different uses.

Cart Bag –  Designed to attach to a golf cart and has a lot of storage with numerous pockets.

Golf Carry BagsStand Bag – Designed for  golfers who walk and carry their bags on the course.  Stand bags have self-standing legs that pop out when placed on the ground and fold in when lifted.

Carry Bags –  These are lightest of golf bags.  Carry bags hold a handful of clubs, tees and balls and have minimal storage and pocket space.

Tour Staff Bags   These are made with premium materials with lots of storage for your breakfast, lunch and dinner!!   Tour staff bags are heavy, voluminous beasts and are what professional golfers use.

Pro Golf BagWith limited space in an RV, we recommend either a lightweight Stand Bag or the Carry Bag.  I leave my Cart Bag at home and travel with a light Carry Bag.

Quik Tip –  Arvie the Travel Dog

Arvie the Travel DogThis doesn’t have much to do with RV’ing, but hey…we can all use a good golf tip now and then.  The best tip I ever got was hitting out of a bunker. Instead of trying to gauge hitting the ball 1-2 inches behind in the sand…the guy said simply:   “Envision the ball sitting on a tee that is buried in the sand.  You are trying to break the tee in half when you swing”.  My bunker game improved dramatically.  

Gregory Williams Cape CodGreg’s Blog Corner

The Game of a Lifetime

The Pursuit of a Little White Ball       Whether you play golf or not, we have all probably heard the humorous mocking of the game of golf. The oldest and most commonly uttered phrase is attributed to Mark Twain, who reportedly said that “Golf is a good walk spoiled”. Mark Twain is not the originator of this famously and oft-used quip. Apparently, in a 1903 book about Lawn Tennis, the quote was first used by a player in an [...]